K-Cup Replacement

Flavored Coffee is pleased to feature K-Cup replacements known as EZ-Cups and EZ-Cup filters. With these revolutionary replacement cups, you can stray from the constraints of K-Cup coffees and use your own ground coffee. The Keurig coffee machine is one of the most popular ways to brew a single cup of coffee, and with these EZ-Cups, you can now have access to an endless array of flavored coffee selections varying from Black Velvet Cognac, French Silk, and Hawaiian Macadamia Nut flavored coffee.

The EZ-Cup simply takes the place of the K-Cup, while the EZ-Cup filter goes inside of the EZ-Cup so you can warm and brew your favorite coffees hassle free. With the ease of the Keurig machine and the EZ-Cup, you will have a perfect brew time and time again.

Since flavored coffee is all about choices and bold tastes, FlavoredCoffee.com believes you will enjoy the convenience of using these filters and cups because now, you can have exactly what you want in each and every cup from your Keurig brewer!

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