Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)

Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)
Cafe Borgia Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)
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The Café Borgia flavored coffee is an interesting mix of oranges and dark chocolate. If you like the citrusy, fresh aroma, the taste of sun-kissed oranges, and have a sweet tooth for a warm, melted chocolate, these 100% Arabica beans blended with these ingredients of the Café Borgia flavored coffee will sweep you off your feet. With a hint of creaminess added, you will feel like you’re drinking a dreamy chocolate-orange treat. is now offering 1/2lb bags of our flavored coffees, so you can sample multiple flavors to discover your favorites!

A heat-sealed valve bag will ensure the freshest coffee possible, which will be both roasted and shipped on the same day. The orange and chocolate undertones complement each other in this Café Borgia flavored coffee, so go ahead and give into this deliciously smooth and luxurious flavored treat.

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