Cookie Coffee

For those that like to spoil themselves with a cookie from time to time, the Cookie flavored coffees from Flavored Coffee will surely hit the spot. Made with 100% authentic Arabica beans, these Cookie coffees feature a truly gourmet coffee experience that will entice your palate with its cookie-like taste. Sweet and delicious, these coffees are the perfect addition to anyone’s kitchen.

With flavors such as Cookiedoodle, you will be satisfied with the delicious cookie flavors. Made with rich chocolate, hearty hazelnuts, and cinnamon, the Cookiedoodle flavor will remind you of delicious and freshly made snickerdoodle cookies. We even feature the ever-popular white chocolate flavoring in our White Chocolate Macadamia Nut flavored coffee. And for those that are looking for the paramount chocolate fulfillment, the Mochadoodle cookie inspired coffee will offer you a smooth and creamy mocha experience. Deliciously magnificent, any coffee lover will relish these flavors.

Made with only 2 calories for each cup, you can savor these Cookie coffees without worrying about calories. Ideal for those that love subtle sweetness, these flavors will offer a decadent flavoring that will feature a truly creamy smoothness to each and every cup. Give in to temptation with these cookie-flavored treats and let the full flavors remind you of grandma’s freshly made homemade cookies right out of the oven!

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