Decaf Vanilla Nut Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)

Decaf Vanilla Nut Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)Decaf Vanilla Nut Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)
Decaf Vanilla Nut Flavored Coffee (1/2lb bag)
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Vanilla is a fabulous flavor that stands on its own, but once itís paired with subtly roasted nuts, its classic taste becomes all the more delicious. Offering the full flavor and aroma of our regular coffees, this decaf flavored coffee brews into an exceptional cup without the additional affects of caffeine. In this Decaf Vanilla Nut flavored coffee, your taste buds will get the smooth, creaminess of vanilla mixed with a rich, toasted nut undertone accompanying each and every sip. With only 2 calories in each cup and being caffeine-free, you can indulge as much as you want in this 100% authentic Arabica bean creation Ė and you can do so guilt-free! is now offering 1/2lb bags of our flavored coffees, so you can sample multiple flavors to discover your favorites! Freshly roasted and shipped on the same day, the Decaf Vanilla Nut flavored coffee is absolutely delicious with its freshness and enjoyable Vanilla Nut flavoring. Packaged in a heat-sealed valve bag, Decaf Vanilla Nut flavored coffee will deliver wholesome flavor that retains high-quality freshness. Although Decaf Vanilla Nut makes an excellent late night cup of coffee, try it iced or save it for dessert Ė its delicious flavor knows no bounds!

This flavored coffee contains nut extract.

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