Gourmet Flavored Coffee Sampler-(6) half-pound bags

Gourmet Flavored Coffee SamplerGourmet Flavored Coffee Sampler
Gourmet Flavored Coffee Sampler
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Product Description

When you order gourmet coffee, why would you want to get anything other than the best? And why wouldn't you want to pay the best price for it? With our Gourmet Flavored Coffee Sampler, you get six 1/2 pound bags of some of our top flavored coffees, all for a very affordable price. This is an excellent option for those who want to try new gourmet flavored coffee, are looking for a great gift idea, or want a collection of classic favorites around the house! When you order the Gourmet Flavored Coffee Sampler, you'll have a wide assortment of flavors at the tips of your fingers. This is a perfect selection that will let you enjoy the flavored coffee to suit your mood!

Each of these gourmet flavored coffees is distinct and tasty; there's no mistaking the flavors found in each one! Whether you need something that is perfect for sitting by a warm fire in the middle of winter, or you need a classic flavor that will be refreshing and pleasant, you can find it in this package!

The Gourmet Flavored Coffee Sampler includes the following flavored coffees:
  • Highlander Grogg flavored coffee
  • Cherries Jubilee flavored coffee
  • Blueberry Cream flavored coffee
  • Chocolate Raspberry flavored coffee
  • Rainforest Crunch flavored coffee
  • Baklava flavored coffee
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