King Cake Flavored Coffee (5lb bag)

King Cake Flavored Coffee (5lb bag)King Cake Flavored Coffee (5lb bag)
King Cake Flavored Coffee (5lb bag)
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Product Description

King Cake flavored coffee is a perfect way to celebrate Mardi Gras! Whether you celebrate on Mardi Gras or want to keep the party going year round, look no further than the King Cake flavored coffee and its apple, sweet honey, and cinnamon danish characteristics. With only 2 calories per cup, this delicious King Cake coffee features flavors that will make you feel like you’re indulging in a delicious pastry.

At, we are all about helping you save money by giving you the best deals. Buy our money-saving, 5lb bulk bags of your favorite flavored coffee so you can share with friends and coworkers, or make your own supply last a little longer.

With 100% Arabica beans, this heat-sealed valve bag will hold the freshest coffee possible. Roasted and shipped on the same day, this King Cake flavored coffee features a full gourmet flavor that will make your mouth melt with its creamy, cinnamon flavor that is infused with subtly sweet apple sweetness.

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